Short Spooky Movie Festival Thanks

Spookyfest Credits 2018

For those who enjoy sticking around for the credits like us, here are some for a movie festival.

Huge thanks to

The Wayne County Arts Alliance for supporting the festival as a Visible Ghost. Platform Industries and Wayne Bank for being Commercial Creators. Black & Brass, Here & Now Brewing Company, and CarolynVannie Williams for their Dark Angel support. The Cooperage Project for venue hosting our event. Dave Harvey for being our Spookyfest poster exhibition host. Paul Plumadore for large poster printing. Flatbush Brown, Jerry DeCrotie, Jeff George, Davey J, Amanda Rowe, Paul Venditti, and Susan Williams for creating awesome Spookyfest posters. Kevin Hoffman for being our festival sound guru. Tracy at No Entry Fee Festivals for helping connect artists to movie festivals like ours. Melissa Short at Wayne Pike News, Melissa Lee at the Wayne Independent, and Elizabeth Lepro at the River Reporter for covering the local landscape's arts and culture. Alicia Anderson, Mary Colgan, Gideon (a dog), Joëlle Dujardin, Lisa Glover, Dave Justice, Katalin Justice, Kelsey Renninger, Marlo Scrimizzi, Paul Venditti, and Ryan Williams for representing the Spooky Crew so well.

Everyone who attended the 2018 Canaltown Short Spooky Movie Festival.

All of our selected, international submitting artists:

Molly Brown (My Crazy Hand & Danse Macabre), Emil Friis Ernst & Nilas Røpke Driessen (A Robot is a Robot), Carlos Gomez-Trigo (Maelstrøm), Abdullah Harun Ilhan (The Swamp), Lena Ólafsdóttir (Cream), Susu Laroche (On Faultlines), Dave Lojek (The Last Supper), Saranne & Lawrence Mallinson (Ménage du Trois), Cenk Özakıncı (Green World), Paul Scott (Screaming Frog & Little Olive Best Buds), Daniel Stankler (Should You Meet A Lady In A Darkened Wood), and Adam Tindall (Nevermore)

All of our selected, domestic submitting artists:

Hoag E. Boi (The Night Smack)+, Chris Capel (Working With Jigsaw)#, Lisa Glover (PETV), Briana Jones (Sequence), Elizabeth V. Kedrick (The Crow)+, Xenia Iris Kugler (Hatched in Honesdale)+, Rebecca Martine (Don’t Summon The Dead)+, Kyle Rebar & Kat Heagberg (Meet Susie the Satanist!)+#, Platform Industries (Just Another Day At The Shop)+#, Brian Ratigan (Dull Hope), Susan A. Williams (Monster Match)+, Wayne Bank (Attack of the Fees)+, and Bob Wilson (Don Orion)+#

+local/#Spooky Award winner

Sincerely yours,

Derek of team Canaltown