Moving Movie Festival Thanks

MMF Credits 2018

For those who enjoy sticking around for the credits like us, here are some for a movie festival.

Huge thanks to

Allaina and Here & Now Brewing Company for Cinema de 7th Street. Additional thanks to H&N's crew for exhibiting the largest concentration of festival t-shirts in any given location. Cathleen and Loose Leaf Pages for the Vari-Tea Theater and doubling as the festival box office. Tim and Re/Max Wayne for the Home Theater and highlighting local listings like movie posters in a lobby. Sam and Christopher and Basin and Main for an awards ceremony and dance party within the amazing paper caves. Carolyn WilliamsVannie Williams, Sean Williams, Susan Williams, and Skip Mendler for being theater managers/ushers/projectionists for the evening. Ryan Williams for curating the after party music and for being a trouble shooting, pizza wearing, agent in the field. Shawn Caden for a willingness to be drafted into audio tech service with limited notice. Melissa Short for jumping onto our social team and captaining the C'town Facebook page for the evening.  Matt Davis and Ted Malakin for loaning festival equipment. Marlo Scrimizzi for helping keep the ship sailing. Sean and Susan for always instigating the dance floor funk. Ramona Jan and Andre Turan for helping resolve a speaker challenge on the fly. Travis from Black & Brass for the reflective Sunday coffee hang. The marketing team at Honesdale, PA for their digital storytelling. Dave Justice for polishing up our festival logo. The Greater Honesdale Partnership for keeping our festival flyer in email circulation. David Mazzenga and Melissa Lee at the Wayne Independent, Ian Pugh at the River Reporter, and Melissa Short at Wayne Pike News for covering the local landscape's arts and culture.  Joelee at Rent-E-Vent for being at the ready with chairs. Joel and Randy at the Honesdale Post Office for helping us figure out odd sized parcel mailing. Platform Industries for awesome festival shirts. Quality Printing for awesome poster printing. Every business in Honesdale that let us hang our posters. Kelsey Renninger for suggesting we create flying VHS totems. The Internet Archive for collecting and organizing our shared digital heritage and being a great place to find public domain videos for dance party backdrops. Tracy at No Entry Fee Festivals for helping connect artists to movie festivals like ours.

Everyone who attended the inaugural Canaltown Moving Movie Festival.

All of our selected submitting artists presented at Here & Now:

Jackson Smith ("The Chocolate Soldier"), Tadd Zumpone ("Countdown"),  Brian C. O'Malley ("Samsa"), Carlos Gomez-Trigo ("Maelstrøm"), Freddie Wiss ("Later Never Came"), Daniel Arabia ("Good Trip/Bad Trip"), Kyle Rebar ("Chicken Mann VS Adolf Chickler And The Chickenazis")

All of our selected submitting artists presented at Loose Leaf Pages:

Allison Beda ("Two Oranges And A Lemon"), Evan Perry ("XY01"), Janturan ("Marianne"), Melissa Short ("Permanence/Impermanence"), Ryan Ohm ("Denton's Pullout Couch"), Damon Mohl ("Night Clerk"), Michaël Barocas ("Deux Mains"), Aharonit Elior ("Spark"), Kyle Lavore and Jason K. Allen ("That Smell").

All of our selected submitting artists presented at Re/Max Wayne:

Gregor Andolšek ("The Tunnel"), Molly Brown ("A Visit To Child's Hill"), Rachel Beltran ("Good Boy"), Eric Timmy ("Coco Lady", Hsuan-Yu Pan ("Shinobu"), Elizabeth V. Kedrick ("The Worm I & II"), Kevin Walker ("Fridge Door")

Sincerely yours,

Derek and Alicia (D&A) of team Canaltown