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Moving Movie Festival Thanks

For those who enjoy sticking around for the credits like us, here are some for a movie festival.

Huge thanks to

Olivia and Gather for the Maude Alley Theater and awards ceremony outpost. Allaina and Ryan and the whole Here & Now Brewing Company crew for Cinema de 7th Street and festival box office facilities. Tim and Paul and Bill and Re/Max Wayne for the cozy conference room, Home Theater. Carolyn WilliamsVannie Williams, Ryan Williams, and Marlo Scrimizzi, for stewarding the theater locations like legendary ushers of old and being ever-ready for last minute re-directions. Paul Venditti for ushering it up, worm hole interconnections, and being an all-around festival creative partner. Lisa Glover for ushering it up, festival design, and bicycle powered, production assist, speed runs. Derek Williams for being interviewed countless times leading up to the festival. Ted Weckbacher for the speaker and theater sound design assist. Noah Parry for the back alley speaker assist. Turano Insurance & Financial for dice rolling partnership. Ted Malakin for festival guidance. Tracy at No Entry Fee Festivals for helping connect artists to festivals like ours. The Internet Archive for collecting and organizing our shared digital heritage in the creative commons, thus regularly providing remixable storytelling inspirations. Charles Eisenstein for creating a book that inspired our holistic, gift-based pricing and will inspire future economic explorations. Soner ‘Sonny’ Ön for hand-letter-creating this year’s festival poster. Black & Brass Coffee for neighborhood jolts of inspiration. Cowabunga Coffee for their chippy, shake a chino that kept us company during our journey through festival rescheduling. Abby Wagner for forgoing outright festival attendance to feed folks tacos and coffee, late night, whenever style. Cocoon Coffeehouse for having lovely, day-after-a-festival, Donut Sundays. Everyone who attended this year’s Canaltown Moving Movie Festival and continues to support the neighborhood.

All of our selected submitting artists presented at Maude Alley:

Dawn Westlake ("Pooling"), Dave Lojek ("Alex & Sasha"), Álvaro Martín ("Person’s Accident"), Susu Laroche ("It Will End In Tears"), +>+ Mark Stitzer ("Hunter") +<+, Evan Elise Owens ("Down in the Dumps"), Teymour Ghaderi ("It Hit Upon the Roof"), Tracy Miller-Robbins (“Subconscious Capture”), Susan Williams on behalf of Stü (“The Realtor”), and +>+ Luca Cioci (“Medium Rare”) +<+

All of our selected submitting artists presented at Here & Now:

Gabriel Fernández-Gil ("Triple Smiley Face"), Andrea Cordaro ("Bradely Eros, The Performance of Cinema"), Steve Cleberg ("It Turns On Love"), Paul Scott ("Vehicle Emotions Test"), Tadd Zumpone ("Tales from the Other World - Reconnection"), Joaquín Villalonga Malpica ("Yaya Crochet"), and +>+ Sean Williams ("Shengis") +<+

All of our selected submitting artists presented at Re/Max Wayne:

Molly Brown ("Frog Jam"), +>+ Brandon Portice and Bob Wilson ("The Odd Job") +<+, Mohamed Kamel ("Wintry Spring"), and Adam Tindall ("Pre-Occupation")

+>+ 2019 Moving Movie Festival award winner +<+

Sincerely yours,

Coco Lady of team Canaltown