Creating opportunities to share space and connect with the local landscape.

Origins and Such

Connecting people and ideas to place, throughout the local landscape, by engaging in collaborative cultural activities. That's our game. That and fostering an environment which feeds community inspiration.

Canaltown LLC was first established in 2014 to undertake the first Canaltown Short Spooky Movie Festival (Spookyfest), a-now annual event devised out of necessity, over wine, at a dining room table, in a house on Spring Hill Road and refined the following weekend on a road trip. While on the parallel track to becoming a community coffeehouse and event space, the business changed routes but the community seed continued to grow into more events created through local business, venue, and artist partnerships.

As a ship without a port or a stage without a theater, we've made connections with friends, family, and inter-dimensional travel that allow passage to next level engagements via the maximization of existing resources and the shared efforts of partners we're honored to call part of the Canaltown team. Was that a little over the top? Well, it's all too exciting not to be.

Canaltown continues to bring Honesdale's maiden movie festival to yearly, projected-image light and, as the inspiration cycle continues, more film and non-film events have been stitched onto the production quilt. The inaugural Canaltown Moving Movie Festival took place as a festival exploded into parts in 2018. This festival rests calendar opposite of Spookyfest to encourage year-round, local movie making and cinematic appreciation in downtown Honesdale, PA.

Combined with our other projects, we're looking to cultivate and support a festivaltown environment. One where everything can be turned into anything else and shared community ownership leads to a collectively decentralized platform for positive transition and evolution of people and place. Still a little over the top? Welcome to Canaltown.

Meet The Instigators

Derek will (or will try to) make a movie about a rock interesting. He leads the cinematic inspiration dance and has nice moves. Derek also plays the role of Canaltown's Chief Cartographer, because every business should have one. Official Title: Flow Facilitator and Cartographer.

Alicia starts nesting and cooing when she visits kitchens and farm fields. She plays the role of process flow organizer, because it's fun navigating towards ideas. Official Title: Strategist and Implementarian. **Alicia moved on from the Canaltown team in 2018 after taking on an educator role within the greater community. We'll miss her many contributions but we're lucky to have her connecting the dots on our regional soil map, even if it is outside of the canal boat structure. Alicia's title has been officially retired b/c it's important to give thanks where thanks are due and b/c she made up the title for herself anyway.

Other members of team Canaltown have official or unofficial titles and roles of their own design. These team members are all awesome. Maybe you're one of them. If ever in doubt, fire over a message to confirm membership.