Mapping the Local Landscape

Canaltown's connections to the local landscape include a variety of cartographic representations and custom maps to highlight hidden nooks, feature less-often-featured aspects, and increase understanding of our community.

Downtown Honesdale Mall Comparison

Downtown Mall Comparison

How does walking around a mall compare to walking around downtown Honesdale, PA? A comparative illustration may surprise the most avid walkers among us. Click HERE to download our free map (prints to 11" x 17" paper) and see this side-by-side walkability.

Walking Honesdale Map

Walking Honesdale Map

Want to see some of the easiest and best ways to walk around the Honesdale area or where to sit and read for awhile? We've done a lot of geographic legwork so your legs can be used for travel or simply wandering around. Click HERE to view our free interactive map.

Honesdale Water Network Mapping

Honesdale's Water Network

How does water flow through Honesdale? Our water network, mapping project explores this question. Old stream beds, channelized creek segments, storm water drains, and water flowing underground are all connected. Click HERE for the downtown map section.

Other Maps:

  • Roots & Rhythm Festival

    • Click HERE to view the R&R 2019 interactive map.

    • Click HERE to view and download the hard copy flyer.

  • River Cleanup - Click HERE to view and download.

  • Evolutionary Snapshot Downtown Honesdale - Click HERE to view.

  • Sour Bridges Back Alley - Click HERE to view.

  • Honesdale Boundary Analysis - Click HERE to view and download (prints to 24" x 36" paper).

  • Public Creations in Honesdale - Click HERE to view.

  • Second Saturday Honesdale - Click HERE to view current @2ndSatHonesdale action.

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We're interested in mapping all sorts of local assets and landscape features. Contact us HERE for more info about our projects or to talk about how cartography or geographic problem solving could help your project. Also, check HERE for blog posts that often compliment Canaltown mapping journeys. Our explorations take us far and wide, even if we stay in the zip code. The individual elements of a community and how they interconnect are some of our favorite things. Big or small, the links connecting the local landscape make up a wonderful ecosystem to visualize.