Creating opportunities to share space and connect with the local landscape.


Canaltown LLC was first established in 2014 to undertake the first Canaltown Short Spooky Movie Festival, while on the track to becoming a community coffeehouse. Although the coffeehouse part of the business changed routes, the community seed has continued to grow, with events created through local business, venue, and artist partnerships.

One of these two (below) officially came on board in 2015 and both hot dogs have been having a lot of fun making connections, with and without mustard, ever since. Canaltown continues to bring Honesdale's maiden movie festival to yearly, projected-image light and, as the inspiration cycle continues, games, and even more film events have been stitched onto the production quilt.  

Meet The Instigators

Alicia starts nesting and cooing when she visits kitchens and farm fields. Alicia plays the role of process flow organizer, because it's fun navigating towards ideas. Official Title: Strategist and Implementarian.

Derek will (or will try to) make a movie about a rock interesting. He leads the cinematic inspiration dance and has nice moves. Derek also plays the role of Canaltown's Chief Cartographer, because every business should have one. Official Title: Flow Facilitator.

They Met at the farmers' market in 2012 and have been exploring the local landscape ever since.