Bringing Killer Shrews to Town

White Lion Studios visited Honesdale to show their masterwork of independent cinema, "Attack of the Killer Shrews!", on March 18, 2017. We organized the local premiere by partnering up with Cinema 6 and coaxing folks out from their Blizzard Stella bunkers to share in a non-traditional, night at the movies.

How'd we meet these folks? In short, Spookyfest.

If the movie stars align, our pals will return to expand the "Shrewniverse" with Honesdale-set additions to this moving picture canon but, sequels aside, we're just looking forward to hanging out again and doing some karaoke on a Friday or Saturday Night.

Recommended best practice for bringing killer shrews or movie companies on location scouting expeditions to your town? In short, make real connections over the things you care about and dive into some shared community engagement. Worst case scenario, you make some new friends.

Gallery Notes: 1) Independent Cinema, Marquee Infiltration 2) Cinema 6, Off Hours 3) Karaoke with our Movie Friends at Black & Brass Coffee Roasting Co. 4) A Visiting Stuntman at R3 Hardware 5) Attack of the Killer Shrews! and River/Trail Support